Winona, Minnesota

Congratulations – you have found it: the Midwest’s most beloved and best kept secret. From its sculpted bluffs to its mighty river and all the places in between, Winona has unparalleled beauty mixed with a cool urbanity and old world charm that proves that yes, you really can have it all in one enchanting place.

The gilded era of lumber barons and paddle-wheelers is immortalized here in the lavish architecture that has become a hallmark of this picturesque river hamlet. Elaborate cornices, grand buildings, and vibrant stained glass beckon for a stroll through the historic downtown today just as they did a century ago, and all who pass this way agree that Winona is truly a beautiful place.

For outdoor lovers, whatever your version of relaxing is – whether it is swinging on a bench by the lake or tackling a wicked mountain bike trail, whether it is a tranquil hike in the woods or whirlybirds on a wake board – Winona is a paradise.

But Winona loves its indoor recreation too, and the arts scene here is as cosmopolitan as you’ll find anywhere. Browse original paintings by greats like Picasso and Van Gogh, immerse yourself in the music of international masters like Yo-Yo Ma, and contemplate Shakespeare with our world-class theater company. Together with music and film festivals, art shows, and museums for every interest, this extraordinary array of arts and culture leaves no doubt that Winona is not just another pretty face.

Indeed, this community has the best of all worlds wrapped into one delightful destination, a city remarkably undiscovered and regarded as a treasure by those who do. Whether for a day or a week, we invite you to visit and see for yourself why, no matter where your interests lay, everyone loves Winona.